Places We call HOME ! !

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The places shown, in the pictures below, are those where we spend much of our time these days. We have deeded property in South Dakota, Arizona, and Colorado.

Lake Enid, Wallace Creek CG in northern Mississippi, 65 miles south of Memphis, TN. This is our "most" favorite place during the Fall. It's 30 miles from Oxford (Home of Ole' Miss) 13 miles from Batesville. I get a chance to enjoy some wonderful campfires as you can see.

Our place on the farm in Bolivar, MO. We can be found here most every Spring and Fall.

Our little "Grassy" piece of dirt in South Dakota, our Official home, 120 ft deep and 40 ft wide with all utilities available in the back easement.

Another piece of "dirt" that is ours. Located on the Arkansas River headwaters in Nathrop, CO at 8000 ft. Outstanding place in the summer time, temperatures are cool and humidity is low, nights are very cool. Very little, if any, A/C needed while there. 

Over the years, Janet  and I have landscaped our site here on the farm with the help of Janet's son, Robert.